Adult Ministry Update

We recently shared an update about the Haslar family (if you missed it, you can read it here). Our leadership and adult ministry teams have been praying and planning, and now have an update to share with you.

Here is how we plan to proceed with Adult Ministry in this next season:

  • Dave Dawson: Mentor to the adult ministry team 
  • Andrea Riggs: Leadership Development + Small Groups, including Rooted 
  • Katie Raymond: Women’s Ministry + Executive Admin
  • Erin White: Global + Bethel Institute
  • Rachal: Adult Ministry team lead & Discipleship + Executive Team
  • Adam Phillips: High level vision and involvement in Men’s Ministry
  • New Hire: 25 hr/week Adult Ministry Coordinator

There are several reasons this plan is our next best step:

  1. Leadership Development – as we continue to raise leaders in all ministries, we are also committed to developing leaders within our staff. 
  2. Dave, in alignment with his mentor pastor role, will bring additional perspective, insights and wisdom to our team meetings and decision making.  
  3. We function as a team, so Andrea is deeply familiar with small groups, discipleship, and our vision. As she steps into this role, it will allow us to keep making progress with both leadership and discipleship, rather than remain in a holding pattern while we search for the next hire. 
  4. Katie has been a key leader and the backbone of women’s ministry for many years. She is prepared to take an increasing role in leadership of the ministry. 
  5. Adam will provide high level leadership in Men’s ministry, which is a desire we’ve heard from our men for many years. He will grow and shape a volunteer core team to further build out discipleship opportunities for our men. 
  6. The part-time role we will hire for will enable Andrea, Erin, and Katie to elevate their leadership across their ministry areas by providing event support and volunteer team coordination.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the Haslar family as they embark on their move, for the entire adult ministry team, and for the hiring process of the part-time position. We are eager to partner together as we aim to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ.