Bethel Elder Candidate

a message from the bethel elders:

We are excited to announce that Phil George is being presented as a candidate for Bethel Elder. Bethel Elders are responsible for the spiritual guidance and direction of our church. After a thorough vetting process and much time in prayer, the Bethel Elder board is united in presenting Phil as a candidate for the newest member of the board. You can read more about Phil below.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Phil on June 2 between services from 10:00-10:30 AM in the Desert View room.

During the Annual Family Business Meeting on June 23, all Bethel members will have the opportunity to vote on this candidate.



Hello, my name is Phil. I grew up in a church and was saved in my teenage years whilst attending youth group. At university and earlier in my career, I was less focused on my faith. I moved to the TriCities area in 1996 and The LORD led me to Bethel. In this time, He opened my eyes to the wonder and depth of the Bible.
I have been married to Lorrie for almost 26 years. We have two daughters and 3 grandchildren. Our youngest daughter (Naomi) will be graduating from Whitworth university this year.
In my time I have had the opportunity to be involved in various ministries mostly around the children and youth. Most recently I have been part of the High School Ministry team, helping in our Sunday evening activities and leading a small group.
I enjoy running, traveling, watching and coaching what I call football.
I am humbled by the opportunity to be part of the elder board and the prospect of serving alongside the elder team, though this is not something Lorrie and I considered lightly. There have been very specific times in Lorrie’s and my married lives when the prayers from elders have been remarkably answered. I don’t think it was necessarily a measure of the individual holiness of the people praying, rather I believe it is related to the spiritual authority of the role (James 5:14). So I consider the role with a high degree of reverence and respect.
When I was recently approached to consider the role, I asked what gaps the board was looking to fill. Whilst there was not a concrete answer to that question, The LORD has given me a high regard and deep love for Scripture and I look forward to working alongside the other elders to help ensure that the running of Bethel is Biblically based where there is specific revelation, and bathed in wisdom for the many areas not specifically covered in Scripture.