At Bethel we aim to be and make disciples (followers) of Jesus.


As we look and listen to Jesus, he leads us into three key relationships that are vital to him: our relationship with God, our relationship with other followers of Jesus (Church,) and relationships with those who don’t yet know Jesus (World). 

As we follow Jesus and invest in these relationships, our desire is that every person, in any location, facing any challenge would be equipped to be a disciple and make disciples.

Relationship with God

The life of a Jesus follower begins by developing a personal relationship with God. We invest in this relationship through time with God in the Bible and prayer, learning to hear and respond to His voice, and abiding in Him.

Relationship with the Church

A Jesus follower intentionally develops and grows in their relationships with the people of God. We invest in this relationship through making church a priority, serving our church family, and connecting to a small group community.

Relationship with the World

A Jesus follower purposefully cultivates relationships with those who are far from God. We invest in relationships with our friends and neighbors, we serve in our local community, and we partner with missionaries and ministries across the globe.

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When we talk about discipleship (following Jesus), we realize that it’s not a linear, one size fits all approach. Our age and stage of life, as well as our life experiences shape our faith walk. Whatever your pace, come journey with us. You belong here!

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