Staff Update: The Haslars

We wanted to share a staffing update regarding Matthew and Kate Haslar. Over the past year and a half, Matthew has made a significant impact as our Adult Discipleship Director, and he also stepped in as the interim West Pasco Campus Pastor. We’ve genuinely appreciated his insights, leadership, and yes, even his dad jokes! Kate has served on staff with us for over a year, working diligently as our Graphics and Website Coordinator. Her creativity and expertise have truly enriched those areas. It’s been a pleasure and privilege having both of them as integral members of our Bethel team.

They have an upcoming opportunity, which they share about here:  

First of all, thank you to everyone here. This is an amazing staff and we have been thankful to be a part of it.  Leaving Bethel and the Tri-Cities will be hard and sad for us but we are also very excited about our next step. We have been in conversations with a church called Oakwood in Hartland, Wisconsin. It’s an amazing church that is poised to make an incredible kingdom impact in their area. On November 12 we will go to Wisconsin and Matthew will candidate to become their next Lead Pastor. Their elders and search committee are unanimously recommending us to the congregation and they will vote that same weekend we are there. We still have a few details to hammer out, including an exact last day at Bethel, but are happy to update you as we know more. Thank you again for all you do for the Kingdom. Blessings. 

The teams that work most closely with Matthew and Kate are involved in the transition planning. Most of these changes will be discussed with the staff and volunteer teams directly; we’ll do our best to let you know about any changes that impact the congregation as a whole in the coming weeks. 

We are grateful for Matthew and Kate and their family. Let’s join with them in prayer: 

  • For the details involved in their move, including selling their home here and the provision of a new home in Wisconsin
  • For the difficult good-byes to be followed quickly with new friendships 
  • For smooth school transitions for their children, Abby and Philip 
  • For Oakwood Church: a new and fruitful season for the Kingdom