What is a deacon?

According to our bylaws: Deacons shall be men and women (Deaconess) of evident Christian commitment in both their personal and public lives, and must meet the qualifications for the office set forth in I Timothy 3:8-13 and Acts 6:2-6, as well as meet the requirements of the Bethel Membership Covenant.

A deacon is a helper and a faithful servant to the church he/she is appointed to serve. Deacons shall be men or women who follow Jesus wholeheartedly and whose lives reflect their love of God and others; they must be trustworthy, sober-minded, committed, spiritually mature, and relationally healthy. The role of the deacon is to serve in the area of their assignment, to protect and promote church unity, and to work alongside and support ministries. Deacons are skilled at planning, organizing, managing, connecting with others and building teams. Deacons serve a three year renewable term.

do we have any deacons currently?

Yes, we currently have a Finance Deacon, Bob Lagonegro, who leads our Finance Commission. We have had other Deacons in the past. After much prayer and discussion, the Bethel elders have decided that now is an ideal time to add these two  additional Deacon roles.

new deacon roles:

    • Congregational Care Deacon: The Congregational Care Deacon will help provide care for our church family. The deacon in this role will work alongside Ministry Directors and staff to develop teams for congregational prayer and follow up with members needing care. They will help conduct hospital visits and funerals and fill other needs as they arise.
    • Church Grounds Deacon: The Church Grounds Deacon will work alongside the Operations Director and staff to ensure the church grounds are properly maintained for church activities, safety and aesthetics. The deacon in this role will help recruit and develop volunteer teams to execute the planned maintenance, improvements and emerging needs of the Bethel grounds.

How can I nominate someone?

Simply fill out the nomination form for the corresponding Deacon position. You can submit more than one name if you’d like. The nomination forms will be open until May 23rd.

What happens after nominations?

According to our bylaws: Names of prospective Bethel Deacon candidates shall be submitted to the Executive Pastor/Team one month prior to the annual business meeting by any member of the church. All names will be considered by the Executive Team and Bethel Elder Board. The selected candidate for each Bethel Deacon position will then be presented to the members two (2) weeks prior to a business meeting where they will be voted on. Approval is by a simple majority of those members present and voting. Bethel Deacons shall be elected to a three (3) year renewable term.

When will the new Deacons start?

At the Annual Family Business Meeting, we will have the opportunity to vote on the candidate presented for each Deacon role. The new Deacons will start on Aug 1st 2024, the beginning of our fiscal year.

Questions: email executiveteam@bethel.ch

Bethel Constitution and Bylaws