Anchored Daily Wrap-Up

As we near the three-year anniversary of our Anchored Daily Podcast, we are preparing to wrap up this part of the journey. This podcast was born during a challenging era, as we navigated the complexities of social distancing and restricted in-person gatherings in the face of Covid-19. Anchored Daily and its associated reading plan became an invaluable tool for our congregation, fostering unity and inspiring us to read, understand, and apply God’s Word in our daily lives. We are immensely grateful to the more than 50 hosts who brought unique perspectives and encouraged us in our spiritual growth each episode, and to the hundreds of listeners who embarked on this journey with us. The aim was to make God’s Word more accessible, meaningful, and transformative within our Bethel family, and we believe we have achieved that.

As we move forward, we’re continuously analyzing metrics, gathering feedback from our listeners, and tracking trends, and the conclusion has emerged that it’s time for a fresh approach. This transition does not signify an end to our podcast endeavors. Instead, we see it as a strategic pivot, and we look forward to engaging with you in a new format that we hope will be as meaningful and encouraging as the Anchored Daily podcast has been. So, stay tuned……

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