Worship Team Update

Hi Bethel Family!

As you know, we pivoted to a shared leadership approach for worship early in 2023. It was the best plan we had for worship leadership across the three campuses, and Addie and Andy were willing to work together and take on these additional responsibilities.

Since then, there has been a strategic change with our multi-site strategy. As the elders shared, “The fundamental change we believe the Lord is leading us into is to pivot from developing and supporting many sites to planting independent, self-sustaining churches.” (You can see more FAQs here: bethel.ch/multisite.) In addition to this change, we have intentionally sought out feedback from the worship team, volunteers, staff, and the congregation. After considering the feedback, the pivot in multi-site strategy, and the budget for the new fiscal year, we realized that now was the time to make a new plan.

Starting in August, the shared leadership approach with worship will pivot back to a campus specific approach. Addie will serve as the worship director at the Richland campus, and will be a part of the Rooted team. Andy will serve at the Prosser campus leading worship, with the additional role of being the liaison for the campus with production and IT.

This will allow focused attention and one clear leader on each campus with the worship teams. We really appreciate that both Addie and Andy have been great team players in this process, and we are grateful for how they will continue to lead and serve going forward.

We give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

his faithful love endures forever. (Psalm 106:1)