Family fest is an intentional time for parents to focus on their kids and lead them in family discipleship through the language of fun. We will set up the church as a giant game board for you as parents to lead your family through with plenty of opportunity to speak truth, blessing, and the goodness of God into your kid’s life. Join us for a weekend of silliness, games, and powerful truth as we lead our families to further reflect Christ.



JUNE 21 | 6 – 8P

Get excited for a night of fun with the family. We’re inviting you to be players in our life size board game, where the finish line is an awesome Dessert bar & celebratory Dance Party. You’ll get to meet our awesome hosts, Kit & Kat. 


JUNE 22 | 9A – 1:30P

A full day of fun and family discipleship! Our day will include games, discussion, and thought provoking analogies about how life is sweeter together. 

Lunch is included on saturday
Why family fest?

As a Kids’ Ministry, our joy and purpose is to come alongside, equip, and support parents as they disciple their kids. One way we do this is by providing resources, experiences, and environments for family discipleship to happen.

Looking forward to the summer, our goal is that rather than putting effort into a fun event where we help disciple kids, we would rather put the same effort into helping parents disciple their kids.

what happened to vbs?

Family Fest will take the place of our regularly scheduled VBS. VBS has been an amazing blessing to our church and has done such a great job of creating a fun environment for our kids to learn about Jesus. We were impressed by all the effort that went into VBS last year, and we’d love to see that energy and passion go into creating an event for the whole family to learn, grow, and have fun together.

Can I drop off my kid?


This is NOT a drop off event!

Parents/caregivers are required to stay and participate with their group. Our goal is to help Parents disciple their kids through growing healthy relationships. Stay, participate, compete, and have a little fun along the way. You might even have a chance to connect with other parents and friends.

how can i help?

We could use your help leading stations, activities, serving food, and more!

If you are interested in serving on the Family Fest team please email